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The End of Company Christmas Party Season

posted by Trio Web Design    |   December 17, 2009 23:53

My dedicated Christmas party attendees,

The company Christmas party season has come to an end.  Some of us might be shouting with joy, others might be shedding a few tears, either way 2009 is coming to an end.

CBB Insight. Take a break this holiday season and enjoy your time with family and friends! Be thankful for the people that matter the most in your life and get excited about the new possibilities coming your way in 2010. 

The Trio Christmas party was a hit.  Although we had a few people joking about the fact that our party would be significantly smaller then most company Christmas party events, we didn't let their comments dampen our enthusiasm.

Our party planner did an excellent job.  We all agreed prior to the planning that we wanted a "mexican" themed party.  The event was completely catered, the venue was vibrantly decorated, and we didn't have to lift a finger the entire time.  The conversation over our meal was interesting. Our topics ranged from future Trio planning to the real purpose and benefit of bunk-beds. 

CBB Insight. When you get us all together there isn't much room for an entertainer!

The best part of the whole party was probably the unexpected dessert.  We had no idea it was coming.  All of us are dessert people.  Nothing tops off a great meal better then a mouth watering dessert.  It probably was the biggest Lava Cake I have ever seen, topped with the biggest scoop of ice cream.

There was a gift exchange, but for the protection of those of us who re-gifted, we thought it would be best not to share what we all received. 

CBB Insight. Knitted Hangers WIN!!!

I hope you all have enjoyed the Awkward Company Christmas Party Games I posted over the last few weeks.  If you missed them be sure to visit and look under the discussion tab. 

Only two more days of work and then the holidays! Enjoy your break today.


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