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Awkward Company Christmas Party Game #3 & #4

posted by Trio Web Design    |   December 10, 2009 12:51


It's Friday and I am sure that there are a few of you attending a company Christmas party this weekend.  In celebration of the numerous company Christmas parties taking place, I thought it would be fitting to share with you two awkward games.

Why two games you ask? Well....

Firstly, I feel for you.  Company Christmas parties can sometimes be a drag.  So for those who find themselves wishing they were somewhere else instead of at their party, remember these awkward games and permit yourself to have a laugh. It could be worse. 

Secondly, I am compelled to warn you.  It wouldn't be right to keep these games from you.  I am here for you and I want you to have at least a three minute head start to the exit door before the game commences. 


Thirdly, you need something to talk about at that party!

Trio is having its Christmas party this weekend.  I have been assured that our party planner isn't going to be using any of these games, but I did hear through the grapevine that there might be a "secret re-gifting gift exchange" happening.  I wonder who will be getting the knitted clothes hangers!?!

Enjoy the weekend Friends. 


Game #3: Balloon Stomping

Have each person blow up a balloon and take a bit of string and tie the string to the balloon and then to his/her ankle. On the given command, everyone begins to try and stomp on each others balloon without getting their balloon stomped on.  This is great fun! Caution though, be sure that no one gets carried away with the stomping.  The last person standing with their balloon intact wins.

CBB Insight.  I thoroughly enjoyed the writer's extra excitement for this game.  It sounds like great fun.  Interesting.  I also enjoyed the extra caution.  I could see this kind of a game getting out of hand quickly.  All you need is a few unhappy employees and watch out. 

Game #4: The Grouping

This is a good game to play as a mixer. It is a fun, fast moving game. (CBB Insight.  Again the writer is over excited about this game.)

You need a designated leader and then everyone else collects in one big group. The leader initially calls out a number. The number should be more than half of the number of total participants.

When the number is called out everyone must try to collect in a group that contains that number of people. The group members should be latching arms or have their arms wrapped around each other so that the leader can count the people in the group. (CBB Insight. No thank you. Hugging. Far too close for my comfort.)

If someone cannot enter a group because the number of required members has been reached, he/she is out of the game. As different numbers are successively called out, the number of participants gets smaller and smaller. Eventually, there are less than ten people. The last group, or winning group, should have anywhere from two to five people.

CBB Insight. I'm not sure how this game would be a good mixer.  Firstly, the game is fast moving, so you won't be shaking hands and doing introductions.  Let's be serious you skip the shaking hands and are right on to locking arms.  Awkward. Secondly, you need a leader who can count without a calculator.  Thirdly, you need employees who can count without a calculator.  Fourthly, what if you forgot to put on arm deodorant and people exclude you on purpose.  I think that would be devastating.

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