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Trio Web Design
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Trio is a web design company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. We specialize in building custom websites and developing strategic Internet marketing plans. Our goal is to create a website that continues to grow as your business grows. It's more than just a website to us.
Trio Web Design
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Remax North Country - Real Estate Agents in Warman & Area
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May 30
Blog Update
Era Style Loft Online Shopping Cart
We are excited to announce a new eCommerce website launch in Saskatoon, Era Style Loft.  Launch Shopping Cart - Click... Read it all
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Foundation. Foundation. Foundation. We can all agree that foundation is paramount to the longevity, durability, and overall structural integrity of a house. If the foundation is initially neglected, internal and external pressures will eventually take their toll on the whole house. What looked like initial savings turns out to be costly in the long run.

The Internet is a fast moving world with new trends emerging daily. Your business is likely no different. Factor in your target audience - their wants, likes, dislikes, and purchase behaviour. Now... attempt to design a website that will have longevity, durability, structural integrity AND is able to grow and adapt as your business grows and the needs of your target audience change. A website's foundation is crucial - similar to laying a proper foundation for your home - we believe it is equally important to build your website on a solid foundation.

The Trio Foundation is based on three components: Internet Marketing, Custom Design, and Measurement Tools.

Trio designed websites are built to weather internal and external pressures of business.
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Trio Foundation. The Keys to a Lasting and Effective Website.
Internet Marketing
Business & Website Analysis
We make sure that your website accurately reflects the who, what, when, where, and how of your business. In order to achieve these objectives, we work with you to obtain a greater understanding of your products/services, target audience, primary competitors, and the future goals of your business. Trio designed websites are built to grow as your business grows, while effectively communicating your products and services online.

Website Functionality & Purpose
Websites give your business the opportunity to engage and interact with your audience like never before. We turn your business objectives into purposeful and measurable content on your website. On each page of your website, we employ visitor focused elements, visual messaging, and call-to-action objectives designed to engage your audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO is a fairly popular term in the web design industry. An effective SEO strategy is largely contingent upon knowing your target audience really, really well! Trio assists you in building a website SEO strategy from the ground-up with the target audience always in mind.
Custom Design
Trio Blueprints & Custom Designs
We like options! We want you to have the freedom of choosing the right web design for your business. Take a look at our two website design products - Trio Blueprints and Trio Custom Designs. Whether you are simply focused on establishing an attractive presence on the Internet or are focused on utilizing the website as your primary marketing tool - our two website design products offer you the flexibility and customization you need to do well online.

Site Overview & Navigation
Website navigation can be one of the most frustrating problems for visitors to your site. Have you ever been onto a website where you got lost or couldn’t find the information you were looking for, but knew it was there somewhere? We have...many times... To assist you in prioritizing your content, we review all of your available content and build a site navigation structure designed to easily meet the needs of your audience.

Design Elements
Design elements will very from website to website. Since all of our websites are designed with the Trio Foundation framework, we have the flexibility and create freedom to effectively attract your target audience. From high impact promotional graphics to online shopping, we have the ability to present your products and services visually.
Measurement Tools
Website Analytics
Websites are unique, as their effectiveness can be easily measured, unlike traditional forms of advertising. Custom coded and designed websites, with specific SEO targets, generate real-time data on the general performance of your website. This quantitative data can assist you in making informed business decisions based on your target audience.

Website Coding & Testing
Optimized JavaScript, Flash, and Html are used to improve search engine "crawling" and to ensure that the website design can be viewed properly on the latest browser platforms. All Trio websites are tested on various browser platforms before being uploaded to the Internet. Trio wants to ensure that visitors to your website will have an optimum experience, regardless of their browsing or hardware platform capabilities.
Trio Web Design
Trio Web Design